Loyalty to Payments

Converting Loyalty Assets into Real Purchases

CoinBridge is Revolutionizing
The Loyalty Paradigm

CoinBridge eliminates legacy closed-loop restrictions and delivers unlimited redemption opportunities at any shop worldwide.

Your points, rewards, vouchers, miles, and any other loyalty assets can now be redeemed and used as a payment method at any shop worldwide, in accordance with your spending rules.

Rewards as a New
Payment Method

Maximising Loyalty Programme Performance

Your Customers Can Now Enjoy

CoinBridge Makes Loyalty-to-Payments Work

Pay With Points

Rewards are now a payment method! Accepted at any shop worldwide.

Next-Gen Gift Card

Gift-card networks are now infinite! Without any POS integrations.

Disturbing The Legacy Payments World

CoinBridge Technology

CoinBridge’s patented technological platform is built to dynamically convert any loyalty asset into real transactions over the credit card networks.

Leveraging on the credit card rails with our Mastercard Issuer License, CoinBridge assigns each customer a tokenized virtual card, which seamlessly executes payments at any point of sale, by converting loyalty assets.

Our algorithm-driven payments engine dynamically converts rewards into transactions at each transaction event.
Our platform manages transactions’ lifecycle and merchants’ financial reconciliation in accordance with retailers’ spending policies.

Out-Of-The-Box Approach

CoinBridge’s technology is built for swift and simple implementation
into retailers’ existing loyalty mobile apps and platforms

Resources And Documentation

Implementing CoinBridge is quick and easy

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