Point-Of-Payment Strategy and Analysis
We review the quality of your existing point-of-payment, and provide actionable advice on how to improve it.
Would you like to permanently boost your sales by 10%? Improving the design and acceptance strategies of your payment process is a cost-effective way to permanently boost your company's revenue. Consider the benefits if you were able to reduce abandonment rates of your existing sales process, by 3-10%. By reducing friction in your payment process, and providing customers with the payment methods they want to use, it's not unrealistic to see improvements like these. Point-Of-Payment Strategy and Analysis One of the methods Coinbridge uses to help clients reduce friction within their existing payment process, is by offering a point-of-payment review. For a low cost, we can provide a robust analysis of your point-of-payment. We'll review the design, usability, and business strategy of your existing payment system using a time-tested set of heuristics. You'll receive a report that identifies what's working, in addition to where opportunities might lie. Contact us for a quote.
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