PayPal Consulting
Before starting Coinbridge, our team designed many of PayPal's most successful products.
Coinbridge can help you to understand the value of offering PayPal to your customers, and provide you with the information you need to decide whether it makes sense for your business.

Most businesses fail to accurately understand PayPal For businesses that are wondering how PayPal can improve their point-of-payment, Coinbridge can provide additional product facts, acceptance strategies, and research data — everything that your organization needs in order to intelligently conduct your due diligence process.

SOAP, XML,UDDI: Integrating PayPal has become highly technical If your organization decides to move forward with a solution from PayPal, when you work with Coinbridge, you won't spend any time worrying about how PayPal's software will integrate with your existing systems. The Coinbridge software integration team will perform a secure, highly customized PayPal installation, usually in a fraction of the time it would take your own internal IT group to do the job. The Coinbridge software integration team supports PHP and .NET solutions.

Why choose Coinbridge? Coinbridge's founder spent over five years working at PayPal; researching, creating and launching its most successful business products. Let us share our depth of PayPal experience with your business today. Tell us about your project.

Website Payments Pro PayPal's Website Payments Pro is a powerful new payment solution that allows the merchant to fully host the checkout flow (no more sending your buyers off to PayPal to complete a purchase).