About Us
Coinbridge balances entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, with a commitment to the needs of the customer.
Our Story Coinbridge was created after spending more than five years interviewing merchants about their experience accepting payments online. It's our belief that merchants benefit greatly from a highly personalized consultation at the time of choosing and integrating their payment solution. Providing these services has become our mission.

Coinbridge provides services that help businesses understand what payment solutions are available, how much they'll cost, what the advantages/disadvantages are of each — and then integrates the chosen solution.

Leadership Coinbridge was founded by Ryan Donahue. A founding member of the PayPal design and user research group, Donahue was instrumental in the strategic design of PayPal's merchant services and played a key role in defining the customer experience for many of PayPal's most successful products from 2000-2005.

Donahue created the field research program at PayPal, and traveled internationally conducting payments-focused research.

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